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  • Jason Sean O'Donoghue

Solidartiy for the Dagga Couple's "Trial of the Plant'?

People have approached me asking me how come i don't support the Dagga Couple's court case regarding Cannabis. So I asked for specific questions someone seeking understanding may wish answered. I was given three questions and have answered.

Why I don’t show solidarity regarding Monday’s trial?

If we take a look at what has been disclosed of the argument for Monday’s trial, it is in line with multiple organisations and persons who have vested interests within the “Big pHARMa” and “Big Tobacco” lobby. This is also evident from correspondence we have seen between the “Dagga Couple” and Plandai Biotechnology, and the attendance of a Phillip Morris representative at the “exposed” FOGFA meeting held by Robin Stransham-Ford, where he outlined their strategy. Jeremy Acton was also present at that meeting, where he was promised “the votes”.

Further, one of the key witnesses for the case is Dr. Donald Abrams, whose position regarding Cannabis as a medicine is that it is only suitable for the treatment of pain and nausea. He also regards Cannabis curing cancer as an internet myth. His position is aligned with that of CANSA who stated in their position paper that Cannabis causes bronchitis and nausea. They only suggest Cannabis as pain relief and nausea relief (but apparently it causes nausea to begin with - seems they can’t keep their facts straight) during chemo treatment. The CANSA position paper states that Marinol and dronabinol are the only acceptable medicines. They don’t even acknowledge the herbal one we all can grow and produce ourselves.​

The currently available Cannabis derived medicine in England (Sativex), if imported to South Africa, equates to roughly R210/ml (subject to exchange rate), which only contains 2.7mg THC and only ten doses per ml.

So this case is not really about freeing the plant as it’s rather allowing them to tie it up nicely for corporate interests. And make a fortune selling it to the Health Department (who’s all been bought by “Big pHARMa” Aspen Pharmaceuticals ref. Minister of Health latest budget speech).

Decriminalisation again means nothing for us. Sure you may not get arrested for personal use, growing and possession but that means no medicine making. Or supplying. That will be given to the pHARMaceutical companies under licence. Note all licences can be traced back to the US Department of Health and Human services, who have owned the world-wide patent on cannabinoids since 2013.

As far as I’ve seen the case does not look at the Medicine and Controlled Substances Act, where Cannabis is scheduled under 7, meaning it is highly controlled! Just look at MCC proposed restrictions which treats Cannabis worse than toxic waste!

Why not support the MIB (Medical Innovations Bill)? The first and foremost BIG warning is one of the parties consulted is the Wallace Foundation, whose main investment adviser is the CEO of the Rockefeller Group, along with the DA (where they really lost my interest)! It only looks at legalising cannabinoids and allows for every aspect of the plant to remain illegal, and only available under license.

Full Government Gazete is available.

Knowing all of this, I don’t see a reason for coming out in support for this trial. Until I have heard fully what’s being presented.

Who is the best group, association or organisation to align with and why?

Seeing as I am the co-founder of S.A.C.C.R.A I am of the position that this is the best way to proceed. Others don’t feel the same. What I suggest is that each person look at each organisation, group or association closely, see who has the most vested interest in them and also look at their plan. I have found nothing that is as comprehensive as S.A.C.C.R.A. Not everyone will agree on this point and that is fine, otherwise we wouldn’t be living in a democracy, but NOT ONE single person or group of people should have complete control over this plant. Each must search their own integrity and align themselves with those who best meet their intentions for this plant. Also look at what influence you will hold. Will you just be a lackey? Or will you be participating fully? If you want to know where S.A.C.C.R.A stands visit our website and inform yourselves, you are welcome to contact those available to answer anything that the website doesn’t answer.

What I would do to protect from shady oils, capitalists agenda and do I support regulating the plant?

First and foremost Education is KEY! If you educate yourself about what is true and not what people just tell you which usually is enough to justify their agenda. This is one of the key reason’s S.A.C.C.R.A was founded. Most are “I” specialists. The fundamental fact is the demand exceeds reliable trustworthy supply. Prohibition has created a restricted unstable “underground market”. Yes, yes we all think we are the best suppliers etc. But unless you have grown your own, made your own and tested your own, you really have no way of verifying the quality. Remember most of what is available is Jut. I have heard what “Master” growers say they produce and I shake my head, especially when they give me feedback. I chuckle inside softly.

S.A.C.C.R.A has spoken to multiple biochemists and asked for their expert advice regarding solvents to use for medicine making. When we share this information with a medicine maker and their product is using one of the “No-No” chemical solvents, they get righteous about it. S.A.C.C.R.A has developed a very basic outline regarding what can be used to make acceptable medicine and what should not be touched!

Simply put, until prohibition has been ended the man on the street is subject to the scruples and integrity of the individual he engages for supply. Never mind most just “deal” without any form of information about dosages etc because they themselves have no idea, and it suits them to keep a return customer, who spends R1450 a month for 1gram of oil from them – actually happening!

The capitalists only win when we sit by and let them do as they please. Standing up to them on a united front, with clear aims and objectives is necessary. Sadly most think their own ideas are what will be best mainly because that will grant them the control. How does S.A.C.C.R.A differ you may be thinking? It’s simple, S.A.C.C.R.A. does not aim to control the plant or industry, but regulate by agreement it’s members so that they produce the highest quality products. This way ensures the end user is supplied a product worthy of his money, as well as correct dosage and supplementary protocols. Basically S.A.C.C.R.A. is not about control or restriction of Cannabis but about regulating the people involved in the association so that we all interact responsibly and for the benefit of the whole. Why should one company own the right to make hemp (industrially grown Cannabis) fabrics, or one company to make Cannabricks, Cannaplastics or CannaFuel?! Aren’t there already enough Mega corporations owning all the industries? Shouldn’t the average man have access to empower himself through this plant he can grow in his back yard?

Please be aware that the government’s ideas about regulation are more like restrictions. Are we not free? Is that not why we live in a democracy? The constitution says we are all equal before the law, so why can some be more equal than others?

S.A.C.C.R.A. has developed a court argument to progress the S.A.C.C.R.A. lobby, which is accessible to members for defence if arrested. We are more than willing to educate people on which medicines are acceptable and which are not. Yet we are met with opposition and resistance from the dealer-healers, because vested interest in making money is at risk when we call them to account for undermining the quality of Cannabis with their actions.

In a legal market better methods of regulation and testing can take place so that S.A.C.C.R.A. can fully evolve the systems and agreements we have developed over the past two years, so that the people don’t suffer. Ideally I wish to see more of those not part of the current Cannabis dealer-healer sector to step up. In my experience many of those have vested interests in being “The Hero” or just making money. Not all. We need to be humble enough to admit we aren’t experts in everything. That’s exactly why we, acting on behalf of S.A.C.C.R.A., engaged experts so we have informed knowledgeable people advising us.

So it boils down to Educate, Educate, EDUCATE! If you can’t question someone in the industry and must just believe in them, that alone should make you run away. I always insist that people go and find out for themselves and not believe. Believing allows you to be manipulated and controlled. If you find the knowledge for yourselves you are uncontrollable and truly empowered.

A follow up will be published...

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