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THE PURPOSE OF THE S.A.C.C.R.A. MEDICAL COUNCIL is to provide as safe an environment as possible for the growing, production, adequate testing and further research facilities for all Cannabis derivatives, in order to ensure people, patients, healers and doctors are protected from any form of monopoly or malpractice; and to protect children and youngsters, many of whom are already unconsciously self-medicating with Cannabis.

We propose to do this at grass roots level by returning this beneficial plant to its natural place in the hands of the people, thus ensuring that it is removed from the control of drug traffickers who tamper with its purity and use it to entice people into using highly addictive substances by preying on their vulnerabilities as a direct result of its illegal status.



A thriving underground Cannabis industry already exists in this country and globally.  It has the potential to contribute trillions of Rands to GDP.  It has the potential to radically transform (i.e. change at grass roots level) the fabric and structure of our economy, if implemented with integrity, with the purpose of creating actual social and economic reform the likes of which have never been seen.  The greed factor from those with vested interests locally and internationally, is currently causing chaos and the end result is damaging to the people of this country in myriad ways.


In collaboration with relevant member bodies this is to:

  • Disseminate well researched, documented, medically sanctioned information regarding the complex medicinally beneficial constituents of the cannabis plant, and to provide an ethical framework for its current uses, with particular regard to the delicate balance between THC, CBD and Terpenes.

  • Facilitate legal channels for treatments individually, or via practitioners of traditional medicine, or medical doctors.

  • Create and/or provide testing facilities for any and all derivatives currently being produced for consumption in South Africa and to set the standards for such products.

  • Document current medical trials into a sound, scientific basis for the South African milieu via universities and doctors currently witnessing results.

  • Develop a structure for education and medical training including initial roll out to doctors, naturopaths, and/or traditional healers & their patients on a sponsorship basis.

  • Develop curricula and training via higher learning and skills development centres.

  • Invite experts to consult, testify, contribute research, and/or train the trainers

  • Ensure the protection of current genetic strains and to collaborate internationally on the natural development of medicinal Cannabis strains, specifically excluding genetic modification.

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