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Roger Waters from the album Amused to Death

CANNACON – the name says it all! Feedback received from some authentic Rastafarii who attended the Cannabis Expos in South Africa was simple and wise beyond measure: There was not a single living plant in sight!

Now, if this doesn’t cause a multitude of light bulbs to go off in your head, then it is simply because you are trapped in the unconsciousness of mindless consumerism. This, together with the majority of the population’s ignorant, programmed fear of the T.H.C. “high”, is the ace up the sleeve of the corporate capture of Cannabis as an industry in ALL of its forms.

The rewards for those manipulating the farce of the global “legalisation” process are massive. These global manipulators are masters at the game. After all, the same strategists have captured all other massive markets (oil, fuel, banking, politics, economics, religion, property, government, medicine, gambling, illegal drugs, textiles, transport, travel…) throughout recent, and even not so recent history.

Now, this may not seem to be such a problem, and it seems that the majority of the population prefer to keep suffering and choose complaining over effective action on a daily basis. Or hoping to benefit in some way from the current status quo.

However, there is a comprehensively documented plan in action right now to reduce the world’s human population to 500 million people. Ever heard of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Ever had a look around at the world we live in with eyes that actually see and ears that actually hear beyond the programming of belief and opinion and the TV that constantly feeds our minds?Beyond the desire to be entertained? Beyond the constant struggle to survive?

This depopulation includes YOU. Everyone, EVERYONE, alive today will face the challenges of cancer and other dread diseases, all of which have been introduced to the world’s population through:

  • the food supply via crops that have been genetically modified to absorb cancer-causing Round Up and other toxic chemicals from seed to table;

  • the municipal water supply which contains chlorine, flouride and aluminium, as well as other harmful toxins;

  • the air that we breathe and the environment we live in thanks to Geo-engineering, smart dust and weather manipulation;

  • the toxic, addictive and even deadly chemicals found in processed foods;

  • the pHARMaceutical drugs and vaccines that are prescribed for and taken daily by billions of people.

Actual, physical wars are clearly not sufficient to de-populate the planet and so, the “powers that be” concocted a massive, silent war on the global population, even naming their strategies the “war” on poverty, the “war” on drugs, the “war” on terrorism and now the “war” on “climate change” – ALL of which have done nothing but perpetuate suffering!


You might well ask and the answer is simple:

This single plant has the potential to totally transform the socio-economic, health, industry, agriculture, ecological and even the justice system paradigms of our society. And so do YOU.

And yet, what we see is:

  • well marketed Expos which the public, particularly those who think they have a potentially vested interest, lap up like hungry strays;

  • politically favoured C.E.O.s such as Dr. Kunene (House of Hemp), and Jamen Shivley and Vincente Fox et al (Plandai Biotechnology); and

  • seemingly altruistic investment entrepreneurs like Romeo Whateverhisnameis who is tempting greedy investors with two popular words “cannabis” and “bitcoin” in what seems most likely to be yet another “money for nothing” ponzi scheme!

This scenario is so dismal that it makes absolute sense to just drop the green flag and leave everyone to face the consequences of their actions and inaction. After all, there is pretty much nothing that can be done about all of this until people actually see what has happened, and usually by then it is too late.

However, the fact of the matter is that the massive potential of Cannabis to transform the global status quo through empowering the average working man and woman is precisely what lies behind the hijacking of the industry in this particularly well thought out global strategy.

In the words of Advocate Kemp in a reported private conversation at S.A.H.P.R.A. prior to the Constitutional Court hearing of the Prince case: “We will throw the stoners a bone.

This is precisely what happened with the ruling. And what is still happening, is the corporate capture of our most valuable national resource. It is, in fact, what has been happening, and what we have been exposing, since I became involved in the Cannabis movement 5 years ago. It surges ahead despite our every effort to inform and educate at all levels.


All the evidence is on record for anyone who is brave enough to read it. The Hawks and other U.S. trained law enforcement agencies are used as state gangster enforcers, distributors, and regional management in the illegal drug industry. Many, many so-called Cannabis people fully participate in this corruption to protect their personal vested interest.

Keeping Cannabis scheduled (and therefore still illegal) is essential to their game, and to that of their masters. This way the privileged few can use the legal system to break their own laws without punishment, while the majority continue to suffer their tyranny.

The unfathomable refusal of illegal “oil makers” and users to be responsible and stand accountable to the integrity of the plant and the medicine itself simply to increase their profits, has given the establishment absolute justification to forge ahead with the total misappropriation of this industry and ALL of its potential benefits for ALL of us. (Long, long, slow, clap)

If you have read this far it is unlikely that you are as fooled or as greedy as most with regards to what I have said above, or at least willing to look and see. You are most welcome to check out our proposed solution i.e. to LIBERATE the plant from the schedules and use it to rehabilitate our society as described in this website

Nsangu Wesizwe!


We COMMUNICATE, we CO-OPERATE and we CONSOLIDATE -one idea, one person, one project, one community at a time.

Only those authentically willing to actively participate at the highest levels of integrity will step up to play. There is nothing in it for you or me. There is EVERYTHING in it for US.


We do this by RE-CONTEXTUALISING Cannabis in the minds of the human beings we know personally, professionally and socially, as well as people we randomly chat with wherever we go, by distributing valid, verified information including results obtained with medicine.

We do this by RE-ORGANISING the potential Cannabis industry as grass roots level by challenging the lawmakers to remove the plant from the schedules for truly equitable access, and by self-regulating the industry at community level.

Then, we do this by RE-CONSTRUCTING our communities as per the S.A.C.C.R.A. social evolution model, using Cannabis as a sustainable resource for many, many industries from micro- to macro- industry level. Not creating jobs, but creating self-employment!

Part 2 to follow: Cannabis – the broken law. How come removing the plant from the schedules is the only way to provide access to Cannabis in a truly legal and constitutionally valid way.

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