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  • Janet Susan O’Donoghue


What is compassion?

For the past fifteen years I have been consciously examining this question as the most recent part of a lifetime's exploration. In that time there are three definitions I have come across which have resonated as true in more than simply the words used to describe the essential nature of compassion. They have consistently applied when I see compassion as a state of being expressed in action in the real world, in the visceral sense as lived experience.

1. “A spontaneous expression of wholeness”

2. “To relieve suffering”

3. “The common passion of being human”

What I have also found is that the Cannabis plant, out of all that is available to us in nature, is the most perfect singular expression of compassion at this time.

A Spontaneous Expression of Wholeness

Wholeness implies more than “being whole” i.e. in perfect natural form. It also implies being beneficial to the “whole” i.e. on a much larger scale than simply the individual, and in a multitude of ways.

Cannabis is the one plant that I have come across which is truly an expression of both of these characteristics.

Most plants have either nutritional or medicinal value to a certain extent, and provide certain benefits to human beings in a partial way, contributing to our ability to thrive. Cannabis is the only plant I have come across which covers all bases

Seeds: The seeds of the Cannabis plant contain every amino acid and all the Omega or essential fatty acids required for the human body to thrive nutritionally. Suitable for human and animal consumption.

Leaves: The leaves of the plant contain substances which assist with nutrition, which is essential to ensure optimal health. Suitable as food for human and animal consumption.

Flowers: The flowers of the Cannabis plant are covered in tiny trichomes which contain resin that protects the plant from damage from sunlight.

Produced in this resin is an entourage of medicinally active molecules called cannabinoids, over 111 of which have so far been identified, which work biochemically throughout our endo-cannabinoid system to stimulate mechanisms in the body which not only maintain health, but which actually bring about an environment for radical healing.

Further to this, over 200 terpenoids which give the plants their scent, and flavonoids, which give the plants their flavour, have been identified which also have medicinal properties, even via ambient air! That means just smelling the raw plants has a beneficial effect!

This is because the chemicals in the plant do exactly the same things as the chemicals (endo-cannabinoids) that we produce in our own bodies when we are at optimum health.

These medicinally active molecules work at a cellular, organ and system level in the body which means that healing takes place on multiple levels at once. Furthermore, every animal alive has been identified to have an endocannabinoid system, perfectly designed to receive these phyto-(plant) cannabinoids in their raw, natural form.

Stalks: The stalks of the Cannabis plant contain long, strong fibres and pulp that are eminently suited to multiple eco-friendly industries such as all varieties of paper; fire-proof building blocks; fibres for rope, twine and a range of types of fabric including clothing, sails, tents, hammocks; cellulose plastic, which can be made to be much stronger than tensile steel, and which is once again being used in the upmarket motor industry, as well as any other form of plastic product possible; and even as a fully sustainable and ecologically beneficial bio-fuel.

Furthermore, the Cannabis industry is perfectly suited to micro, cottage, small, medium and large farming and industry, and is not yet owned by corporations so has the capacity to create an entirely new, free economic system through which everyone can benefit. For the moment.

With a legal Cannabis industry being valued at a minimum of $6 trillion dollars per annum in South Africa, equating to $200 000 per anum per person of working age, the fight is on between government and corporations as to who will own and control this big green pie!

Not only is Cannabis as an organism the most complete expression of wholeness I have seen, it is the one which has the capacity to benefit everything and everyone, even the earth itself. It comes from and belongs to nature and is freely available to us to use as we see fit. What on earth is standing in our way of total health care for ourselves and our planet other than our own beliefs, thoughts, fears, apathy and attitudes?

The Desire to Relieve Suffering

It is sometimes difficult to acknowledge in the face of the horrors of the world we have been dealing with for aeons, and especially in recent history, that compassion is indeed even a part of the human repertoire.

And yet, when away from the constant onslaught of mainstream media horror, in the everyday interactions between people in the real world, what I see over and over again is indeed a genuine desire to relieve suffering expressed in unguarded moments by most people I come across. They may go back to being unconscious of it in the very next moment, or feel frozen by the sense of powerlessness they have been persuaded to carry around like a dead-weight, but invariably there is a moment (or period) of demonstrated compassion, of the true desire to relieve suffering, before they hit the point of resignation and retreat into fear or helplessness once more.

Yet, it is there. It shines briefly before the conditioning of years takes over and they are re-minded that we are supposed to be hopeless, helpless creatures, who do not have a say in how our world operates except maybe for every four years or so when we choose between our masters. And then, with the knowledge aforethought that our vote cannot possibly make a difference in the mass of votes being cast.

The Cannabis plant contains one primary psychoactive ingredient, namely tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the most prolific and proficient medicinally acive molecule found in all female Cannabis flowers. This "ingredient" is only available once activated i.e. once the plant matter has been heated over 100 degrees C, or after a very long time curing. Before that, in raw or "cold" extract form, the THC molecule is still bound by an "acid molecule" (THCA) and cannot have any psychoactive effect whatsoever.

The THCA molecule has been found to be active via cell receptors making up the immune system right throughout the body, and has a positive effect on the immune system as well as other cellular and organ function.

The THC molecule has been identified to stimulate four systems in the body which help eradicate and/or prevent cancer:

It causes apoptosis – this is the natural cell death mechanism in tumour cells (apoptosis is obviously de-activated when cancer develops), without affecting the healthy surrounding cells at all. In other words, it causes tumour cells to literally die off so they can be eliminated from the body by stimulating the natural mechanism which is supposed to be doing this already.

It is anti-proliferative i.e. prevents cancer cells from reproducing through mitosisensuring tumours don't grow further.

It is anti-angiogenic i.e. prevents the formation of new blood vessels needed by the tumour to grow and even kills off existing ones.

It is anti-metastatic i.e. blocks the ability of the cancer cells to spread, therefore preventing the cancer from spreading to other organs.

These actions, combined with a specific supportive diet, hydration and exercise regimen as well as relevant counselling, are what is causing the “impossible” over time – the elimination of cancer from the body even at stage four or more. What we don’t realise is that this is really a natural function of our bodies, and what it is actually designed to do. There is no need to go to war with the cancer in our bodies. We are perfectly equipped to eliminate it naturally.

Cannabis is the key and the supportive protocols turn it! Medication * Oxygenation * Nutrition * Transformation * Hydration

Furthermore the psychoactive action of THC is one of expanded awareness and self-reflection, which as the science of quantum physics is showing with more and more clarity, is essential to any permanent healing taking place. This is how come many people fear and/or avoid the psychoactive element of the treatment. Because they literally have to “face their demons” in that state of being. Cannabis however is the most gentle means of doing this that I am aware of.

Certainly it is much, much gentler than the opiates which can cause horrific hallucinations as well as other side effects including addiction. In fact Cannabis can, in the correct setting be the cause of cathartic healing in profound gentleness, which I have witnessed bring back full conscious function that had been obliterated by a combination of dementia, medication and trauma in an elderly woman. Something that medical personnel told us was impossible.

Furthermore, in assisting us to face our fears and suppressed emotions, Cannabis allows us to be free of them once and for all. This is the ultimate expression of relieving suffering.

When it comes to children, Cannabis once again has the perfect solution. The second most prolific molecule in Cannabis is called Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is the "inverse" molecule of THC and counteracts its psychoactive effect which fact has been widely used to market wildly overpriced and mostly undereffetive products.

Molecules which are precise mimics of CBD are found prolifically in flax seeds which are incredible easy to access and afford. It is found in minute quantities in Cannabis making it very expensive and unnecessary to extract. Apart from this, there are unlimited possibilities using THCA in treating a multitude of diseases and disorders, with zero psychoactive effect.

This makes treating even children very easy and gentle, and we can use any hybrid strain (out of the 1400 odd documented strains) of plant to create cold-press extracts which have all the benefit and none of the psychoactive effect. Young children are extremely unlikely to have the kind of resistance or reaction to the THC molecule anyway as their thinking is not yet contaminated with the guilt, fear and paranoia which simmers beneath the surface of most people’s psyche by the time they reach puberty. Still, we do not advocate the use of the psychoactive molecule with children, and it is very easy to avoid.

What is been shown, is that using the activated medicine topically i.e. applied to the skin, or as a rectal suppository, completely bypasses any psychoactive effect anyway as the molecules are not synthesised in the liver and a different effect is obtained. All the benefit of THC without any of the “high” which people seem to be so unfathomably resistant to. I mean, it is literally frowned on and even illegal to feel alive, ecstatic, creative, giggly, free and joyful?

Cannabis medicine works on every kind of pain I have come across to date, even neuropathic pain which drugs can do nothing for, is being reduced by 70% and more in less than three days of topical use. Most often the reduction is immediate – within minutes. And a great deal of relief of physical and mental suffering takes place.

In fact, according to those who have experienced full success, with Cannabis medicine there is absolutely no need to suffer any form of pain whatsoever whilst undergoing treatment, even with cancer. And it can be a pleasant and expansive experience. Just ask those in treatment with a true Cannabis medicine practitioner right now.

The Common Passion of Being Human

The fact is that most of the success around cancer and Cannabis, and in fact all 700 identified ailments where success has been achieved in actual people in the real world, is by ordinary people doing extraordinary things due to the illegal nature of the plant.

It seems totally insane when enlightened as to the science (in all aspects) of how Cannabis works so perfectly with the endocannabinoid system in all living creatures, and how beneficial it is to the ecosystem of the world as a whole (physical and social), that it is still illegal, and that the grass roots social movement calling for legalisation and making huge strides in that sense, is constantly being fought, and stymied and sabotaged and bullied by government agencies at every turn.

Most people simply cannot wrap their minds around this and think it is not real – until they see it working. They see what the medicine can do, get all passionate about it and come up against the kind of resistance we used to face every day (and still do on some platforms). Not just from the authorities, but from our family, our friends, our children, anyone in fact who hasn’t seen what we have seen, experienced what we have experienced, and acknowledged the possibilities of the benefit to everyone…… every one.

It is a matter of “seeing” as opposed to “believing”.

Once a person (particularly medical) has seen how effective Cannabis medicine is – truly beyond belief and so very real – the next step is to see just how dangerous it is to be an active supporter of Cannabis and its inherent, massive benefits to society as a whole. This is where people retreat deep into their “safety zone” which is of course not safe at all. While people are hiding in that “safety zone” all manner of legislation is passing which robs us of every civil liberty we used to have, even to the ability to be able to freely grow our own organic food, and that of passing on knowledge which can benefit everyone and everything.

This is the common passion of being human – the entire spectrum of fear and love playing out all at the same time and each of us standing in individual responsibility of our choices in terms of ourselves and the whole, as well as more and more people standing together and facing it.

The fact that the Cannabis experience is happening in just about every little community in our country now, is evidence that the Cannabis plant itself is key in evolving the “common passion (experience) of being human”.

This is simply an observation. A neutral perspective on what is actually happening from someone who has had the privilege of being connected with people all around the country, from all walks of life; all ages, races, cultures and spiritual expression; animals and humans; and the chance to see and interact with these ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

What remains true is that Cannabis has appeared in every holy book, every culture, and every pharmacopeia in the world, and that it has only been "demonised" with great difficulty over the past eighty years or so – that is merely one person’s lifetime - after aeons of full and free availability and use. An extraordinary gift from nature itself that we allowed a few corrupt men to take from us, and with it the power of our individual and collective sovereignty.

Now, we are taking that back. We are uniting in the simple clarity of what actually works, what actually is true despite the unconstitutional laws. Despite the increasingly violent actions of the state agencies who are set against us. Despite the propaganda, and greed and corruption of those in power who wish to keep it all for themselves.

We are uniting in peaceful, responsible, accountable, inclusive social action and everyone is invited to play. Truly compassion in action. For further information contact or see

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