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  • J.S. O'Donoghue


The recent policy change with regard to Cannabis by the Medicines Control Council does not inspire us with confidence. In fact, it declares very clearly that our work has just begun and has become just that much more challenging, due to the public willingness to believe they are getting something when in fact they are simply being taken from.

The enactment they are proceeding with is to reschedule Cannabis from Schedule 7 (no medicinal benefit) to Schedule 6 (suggested medicinal benefit) for scientific, medical and research purposes.

This announcement comes together with the promulgation of the Medicines & Related Substances Amendment Act of 2015, which redefines the powers of the M.C.C. and in so doing re-creates it as the S.A. Health Products Regulatory Authority. Under this Act, the definition of medicine which previously only applied to pharmaceutically formulated drugs, is now extended to all NATURAL substances as well –

“(g) by the substitution for the definition of ‘‘medicine’’ of the following



(a) means any substance or mixture of substances used or purporting to

be suitable for use or manufactured or sold for use in—

(i) the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation, modification or

prevention of disease, abnormal physical or mental

state or the symptoms thereof in humans; or

(ii) restoring, correcting or modifying any somatic or

psychic or organic function in humans; and

(b) includes any veterinary medicine;’’

This means in effect that EVERYTHING, including even our food and water should they choose, can be controlled by this entity under legislation. Cannabis therefore is going from the frying pan into the fire – along with ALL other currently legal natural treatments. This is all being lobbied by bigpHARMa. See below who are the advisors to the M.C.C.

“Gouws said extensive preparatory work was required before the launch of Sahpra, starting with the appointment of its board. Another key step would be for the Treasury to formally approve Sahpra as a section 3a public entity so that it can retain revenue.”

“However, quackery and the unlawful marketing of health products remains widespread in South Africa. What is being done to ensure that the MCC has sufficient capacity to clamp down on unlawful marketing of health products, including complementary and alternative medicines and supplements?”

Think about this and make your voice heard to object to this most basic theft of our liberties. Join the SACCRA legal action to prove that this enactment violates our most basic constitutional rights. By contributing just R100 per month to the SACCRA legal action, EACH one of us can be involved in a united movement to take back our medical sovereignty and restoring the dignity of our Constitution which is being seriously abused by lobby groups from big corporations. The argument is prepared, the evidence gathered. All that needs doing is to present it to Constitutional Court - the ONLY body which has the power to order legislative adjustment at Parliament. This argument will ensure free and fair access to responsible use f the Cannabis plant for ALL.

J.S. O'Donoghue

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