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  • J.S. O'Donoghue


The S.A.C.C.R.A. approach to legalising Cannabis is unique. By definition it precludes expensive constitutional court proceedings, monopolisation of the industries involved through licensing or financial advantage, and corruption through the political machine, and has the potential to be a direct expression of the will of the people of South Africa.

There is no need for South Africans to be begging for access to a plant which has over forty years of scientific study been proven time and again to be safe and effective in treating a vast range of illnesses in its raw form. A plant which is extremely easy to beneficiate into safe and effective medicine in a domestic environment. A plant which is perfectly suited to cottage and even micro industries. A plant which is currently monopolised by drug dealers who are most likely to abuse it by mixing it with dangerous substances.

The S.A.C.C.R.A. lobby is for free and fair access to responsible use of the Cannabis plant for all, with the required commercial regulation being implemented at community level by the people involved to ensure each community’s unique requirements are met. The S.A.C.C.R.A. Executive Council have, to this end, developed a comprehensive strategy to establish independent, affiliated Cannabis Community Associations which raise awareness of the benefits of the Cannabis plant at local level, as well as regulating our activities to ensure a responsible commercial milieu.

We have developed a set of basic regulatory agreements which benefit all concerned, and which ensure the maximum benefit and results are obtained from the medicine, domestically and commercially.

As far as we are concerned there is no reason for anyone, including the government, to be ignoring the potential for social development inherent in this plant, other than that of self service.

The strategies we have developed have worked beyond belief in our community and have created an atmosphere of acceptance which could not have been dreamed of a year ago. This has come about through conscious, unified community activity and has not only been extremely successful, but has been a great deal of fun as well. The purpose of the Executive Council is to develop and implement these strategies as far and wide as possible through independent, affiliated Cannabis Community Associations around the country.

The regulatory agreements are generic and open to evolution via suggestions and proposals from members at any point. They are also very basic and show that there is no need for complex legislation to contain and restrict use of the Cannabis plant in its raw form, when communities of Cannabis related industries, medicinal or otherwise, are willing to work together so that everyone benefits. The social development model we have created together has the potential to transform this country’s economy and population into one of the healthiest in the world, if we but choose it and start to act one person, one group, one community at a time.

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