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The S.A.C.C.R.A. lobby is for free and fair access to responsible use of the Cannabis plant for all.  We advocate self-regulation at community level.

We have developed a specific strategy for the implementation of an equitable and responsible legal Cannabis industry in South Africa, which employs Cannabis as a sustainability key for social and economic upliftment.


S.A.C.C.R.A. The South African Cannabis Community & Regulatory Association, is a member association whose members form independent affiliated Cannabis Community Associations to lobby for the removal of Cannabis from government and corporate control through the courts, in order to self-regulate  a legal Cannabis industry at community level. We propose to do this by agreement according to the standards of excellence identified thus far in the industry.  It is  clear that domestic use needs no regulation, other than common sense responsible use.


Members of S.A.C.C.R.A. are aligned in ethos and standards of excellence by regulatory agreements developed by the executive council in collaboration with the structural councils, and members. Active members are willing to stand responsible and accountable to each other, their clients and the S.A.C.C.R.A. community at large, by honouring the agreements and protocols developed by the S.A.C.C.R.A. community. Over and above the basic regulatory agreements, local Cannabis Community Associations (C.C.A.s) choose by consensus whether to extend these regulations or not according to their specific requirements.

The S.A.C.C.R.A. Executive Council has developed a comprehensive association structure, legal argument, medical protocols and social development model.  This includes community based models for Total Health Care wellness centres, organic food and medicine growing, skills development centres all of  which  expand into supporting the development of private enterprise; sustainable farming including Cannabis crops; micro-industries, cottage industries and small, medium and large co-operative businesses via the S.A.C.C.R.A. Development Trust.


S.A.C.C.R.A members have been running a successful Cannabis awareness campaign locally and nationally and have connected with many groups around the country.


Active members of S.A.C.C.R.A. provide information, education, training, and advice as well as innovations to the public.


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